ART IN HD II (23.03.2014-06.04.2014)

To participate, all you have to do is to send us photos of your art by email.

There is a participation fee of 30 EURO (only if your work is accepted).
This payment is needed to finance the technical equipment.

You can submit up to 3 pictures. (Selected artists may extend their presentation and show up to six pictures for 50€)

Please send your pictures to:

Submission is possible from now until 09.03. 2014 (for technical reasons only a limited number of works can be displayed, submissions will be stopped as soon as we reach this point). 

Submitted pictures should have a minimum size of at least 1920p in length and/or 1080p in height to be able to be displayed in full HD. If you submit smaller pictures, they will appear in smaller size on the screen.

If accepted, your work will be featured during the whole exhibition time

(endtime 06.04.2014, 21:00 CET).

Submitted pictures will be displayed randomly during the opening hours of Art in HD II.

Every featured artist receives a free QR-Code leading directly to his/her website.

This code and further written contact information to every featured artist are given to our visitors, so they can get in direct contact with you.

Please read these terms before you submit any pictures:


By submitting pictures you agree that:

(1) PLØCK20 will use the submitted pictures only for „Art in HD II“.

We will not do any printing or distribution especially not for any commercial use. If we need some of your pictures for

the press or for advertising for the exhibition, we will ask for your permission.

(2) You guarantee us that you are the sole owner & copyright holder of the submitted work.

(3) You accept to pay the participation fee to PLØCK20 (only if your work is accepted; payments can be made via bank transfer or paypal)

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